Dining Guide: Otto's German Bistro

October 4, 2014

It’s easy as ABC: adult bistro cuisine. In year four of reimagining Germanic gastronomy, Otto’s continues to delight with its sophisticated blend of fresh local ingredients, house-made sausages and condiments, and tasty continental components in a charming European-cafe-style setting. It’s all in the delicious details: hunks of yeasty Brot served with whipped butter, giant flakes of salt, and beet jam; duck schnitzel garnished with duck cracklings that will make you forget about bacon; and Rotkohl so verdammt gut it’s demeaning to call it red cabbage. The flavorful Beeman Ranch ribeye will bring tears to your eyes, and Cambozola makes a surprise appearance as sweet, tangy cheesecake drizzled with blackberry coulis. Adult beverages include well-curated wines (sampling is encouraged), good craft beers, and a weekly signature cocktail. We’ve never had a bad meal here.